Why I Am Running

1) To make a difference - as a city councillor, I have been able to advance substantial improvements for my ward and the city by gaining the support of my colleagues. As an MP, the opportunity to create positive impacts is much broader and I look forward to the chance to benefit not only my riding but all Canadians.

2) To Get What We Need - as a municipal representative, I understand how the city works and what it needs. My goal now is to go to Ottawa and get it for us. A conservative government is very likely and that will provide me with much greater access to funding than has been possible with a member of the opposition as our representative. 

3) To Bring Valuable Experience to the Caucus - As an engineer who has sat on the board of London Hydro and our water utility, as well as an IT developer,  I will bring a strong problem-solving skill set, and very relevant knowledge to the discussions that happen in public and behind the scenes.

4) To Promote Thinking Outside the Box - The world's challenges are so great that we need brilliant ideas to surmount them. As a forward-thinking personality type, I want to make sure that the caucus knows when they can give up the reliance on approaches that may be outworn. Canada can be a nimble leader in creating solutions that all countries can utilize.

5) To Keep Us Free - I own no asset that is more valuable than the chance to be a part of the free society we enjoy as Canadians. And, I see it as a duty to preserve the freedom our veterans have fought for. Securing national sovereignty, protecting personal privacy and limiting infringement on our freedoms from all sources are ways we can help "keep our land glorious and free".  As a councillor, I initiated the successful removal of by-laws and taxes that were no longer necessary.