Advocate for Business

Michael van Holst – the Federal Business Advocate You Need

Michael’s commitment to the success of the business community is unparalleled and the story of investment and transformation happening on Hamilton road is a clear illustration.  As Ward 1 City Councillor, Michael had outstanding success gaining the support of his fellow councillors to support this commercial corridor.  London-Fanshawe business owners hoping for an advocate in federal parliament need look no farther than Michael van Holst.


Here are some of the actions he took as councillor to advance his vision for this corridor.

  1. Immediately joined the board of the Business Association
  2. Successfully lobbied for a community improvement plan (CIP)
  3. Delayed the road improvements until a streetscape master plan for improving the look of the neighbourhood was developed.
  4. Had council create the community economic development reserve fund (CEDRF) which would later fund area initiatives backed by 25% of the annual city surplus.
  5. Successfully lobbied for a $50,000 grant to establish a BIA
  6. Won an interest free façade improvement loan program for the CIP
  7. Had a façade grant program moved forward six years by accessing CEDRF funds.
  8. Advocated for the Streetscape master plan to be passed including the flex street at Sackville.
  9. Helped galvanize the business community to endorse the BIA.
  10. Successfully lobbied for an additional $50,000 in grants to the BIA for beautification,
  11. Hired an artist and created the Tree Trunk Tour colouring book.
  12. Spearheaded the EatHamiltonRoad.com website to promote the local restaurants
  13. Successfully advocated for the city-led rezoning of the Hamilton Road business corridor which will save each property owner $12,000.
  14. Had council commit to a reserve to fund property acquisitions for community purposes.