About our Candidate

Michael van Holst has been the Ward 1 City councillor for the past four-and-a-half years demonstrating that he is a forward-thinking, grassroots representative who has advocated strongly for local businesses. 

He has lived in the London-Fanshawe riding for 13 years with his wife Morgan.  Having earned degrees in chemical engineering and education, he taught math, physics and chemistry for the 10 years prior to his winning a seat on City Council in 2014, a part-time role that he has worked at full-time in order to accomplish more.

His most comprehensive achievement has been the urban regeneration of the Hamilton Road gateway.  He has had the city implement a community improvement plan, a streetscape masterplan, a grant program to improve buildings, a BIA and presently, an opportunity for all the owners on the corridor to rezone their property at no cost.

His broad experience base also includes IT development, finance, trades and the performing arts.  Michael is a grassroots and diligent representative who will continue to bring substantial benefits to our community as your federal MP.


Why I am running

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